This dress turned out, amazingly just like the picture. The fabric is a silk suiting I got from my favorite fabric store for $7 a yard!!! INSANE!! Its heavy, perfect for cool weather, and resistant to wrinkles. The collar, cuff and buttons are in a peach silk, that was only $4 a yard!! I got half a yard!

I created facing pieces for the inner cuffs, as well as the inner bodice. I also interfaced the collar, cuff and bodice, because the peach silk was so light, and for the buttons. I had never worked with silk this specifically as I did on the accents. It was a pain, and I had to keep washing my hands so I wouldnt get the silk dirty or too oily.

I do love the way the sleeves fit. I darted them at the elbow, and that give this drape of fabric over the bend that i think is kinda cool. They are snug and feel very mature.

I want to make this dress again, as I think its a great winter item. I think Ill do a solid navy wool, or a solid black next time. We will see.