This fabric Ive had for a while, but have wanted to wait to see what type of dress I would make with it. I decided to make this shirt dress (my first) from an 8 gore dress pattern Ive been wanting to make up for a time.

Because of the pattern design, I didnt cut the gores out all the way, but rather cut the shape to the pattern, and making the skirt one long piece, made the goes act like darts, in a way, and just sewed up from the pattern. So, the skirt is one large piece! Way more trouble than I thought it was gonna be.

The fabric was super cheap, because of the run in the pattern that was on one side. I used most of that for the bodice (back and sleeves), so that if I wear a sweater, you wont be able to see it. I dont think it takes too much away from the dress.