I decided I need a new garter belt. The one I made has done so well, and it works great, but the fit around my his is lacking. I actually made it too short and it mostly sits on my hips like a mushroom. I wanted something a bit more fitted.

I decided to experiment with draping, and took some muslin and fitted it around my hips first, darted it at the waist and marked with darts. I made sure it fit snugly and then cut out the fabric.

I wanted some ease, so I added some elastic gussets to the front and one in the back. I added the waist band, then the buttons, which Ill admit, I went a bit overboard with.

They are from my vintage collection, mens underwear buttons from the 1900s. I think they make the belt look rather steampunkish. So I added the garters and now its all done.

More details on the progress can be found on my blog.