I made these because I was wearing my old Lane Bryant bras around the house, and after a lot of washing and drying, the elastic in them began to rot. I didnt want to buy new bras because I have Goddess bras for my out and about wear, but the girls do need support at home, so I decided to make some for just around the house.

These turned out great. I used 4 way stretch cotton knit jersey, and some scrap cotton cut on the bias for the bad around the bottom. For the pattern, I used my old LB bras as kind of a template, more for directional lay out, really, and just decided to take a stab at it.

They turned out real well, and are SO comfy. JUST ideal for around the home and sleeping.

This was one of my first times doing construction sewing with a zig zag stitch. I rarely work with stretch fabrics, so making these was a learning experience. I got the size nearly right on the first one, and only had to cut down the arm holes. The next ones were so quick. A bit of overlocking on the edges, turn under, zig zag, and add the cotton trim. I did use the cotton on the grain for the shoulders so I wouldnt get any stretch on the straps.

I think Im going to make a lot more of these.