Here I show some of the items that I use in all of my sewing techniques. Most if these items I find indispensable, and whenever possible, I try to find a vintage representative.


Making Smart Clothes; Modern Methods in Cutting, Fitting and Finishing by Butterick. ©1930

This is a first edition of my earliest sewing book. I do like the tips and tricks in it, because its so early, all the illustrations are 20s fashions. I use this book more for its tips on how to sew than its style tips.

Simplicity Sewing Book ©1935

This is a booklet a girl would find on display with her patterns in the store. Shed pick it up for tips on how to work with patterns branded specifically from that company. Truthfully, there wouldn't be any real differences, but still, the pattern makers liked for people to think so.

What I like other than the tips are the illustrations. All the people drawn in this book are in silhouette, and they look black to me. Makes me feel a bit special to see them in a whole book. Especially when this was made in the mid 30s. Tee hee

Bias Tape Maker

This tool is great, about $6 and a real money saver! They are made in different sizes, and allow you to make tape from any fabric you like!

I love it!!